Joining a Border terrier club is a good step towards learning how to breed or care for your dogs. There are many clubs for you to join in, and it can sometimes get overwhelming when you are trying to choose the best one. Feel free to use our guide to land into the perfect club.

Check Activities

Before you join a club, you should do your research and check some of the activities that the club engages in. These activities will give you a hint on whether you will enjoy and benefit from being a member. For example, if you are joining a club to register your dog for shows, you should check out if the club has had dog shows in the past. You can go through their website and social media pages to find more about the activities.

Consider Convenience

You should also check how convenient joining the club will be. Look at things like distance from your house, since being a member of a border terrier club might mean that you must travel with your dog for meetings. You do not want a club that is too far away as the commute might be tedious. You should also check for details such as how often the club meets, the schedules and how easy it will be to balance activities in your life.

Read Membership Requirements

Every club always has some requirements that members need to meet. It could be the number of dogs you own, where you are located, membership fee, and other things that you must fulfil before you join. Take your time to understand the membership requirements to you know if you are qualified to become a member. It is always wise to reach out to the club you are considering and confirm that you are qualified before you start the application process.