The essence of joining border terrier clubs is to socialise and also make taking care of your dog easier. This means that the clubs should ensure that they also have activities and shows that are specifically dedicated to the dogs. Some of the events are as follows.

Dog Training

The club can organise to have a trainer or people who are passionate about border terriers to train them on different areas such as going hunting, how to be protective, the guide towards becoming therapy dogs, among other training. These do not have to be a one-off activity. The clubs can have specific days that are dedicated to dog training or have numerous events for the dogs to be trained.

Dog Shows

Dog shows are a popular and exciting activity for border terriers. They can be held for the dogs to showcase their talents. It does not have to be complicated. It can be something as simple as a competition on a game of catch or getting the dogs to race against each other to reach a finish line. You can also have a mini fashion show where the best-groomed dog gets to win an award. As long as the shows are not putting too much stress and pressure on the dogs, it should be fun.

Regional Events

You do not have to limit your activities to a region or a community. If you have a strong network, you can work with clubs in other areas and organise or attend a regional event. These kind of events are always bigger, and they draw a larger crowd. Since border terriers are social animals, they can tolerate big events, and they tend to socialise quite easily with other dogs. As long as you start the planning process early, and the clubs coordinate the activities well, the dogs will have a fun time playing with each other in such events.